Boxinvy assists you in inventorying your home, apartment, business, RV, and other assets...

Simple to use

For newcomers to Boxinvy, the interface is designed to be extremely simple to use.

  • Locations: Hold your boxes and can have numerous levels, comparable like tree branches.
  • Items: Have you purchased anything but are unsure where it should go? It is simple to include it in your items and then attach it to a box.
  • Brands: Sort each item into a category based on who made it.
  • Categories: Each object should be attributed to one of several categories. It makes no difference whether it's technology or furnishings.
  • Categories: Each item can be assigned to a category so that you can subsequently filter and find items.
  • Bookmarks: Do you find yourself putting items to a box on a regular basis? If you bookmark it, you can immediately return to it without having to search or travel through the tree of boxes.

Boxinvy totals and itemizes everything so you can show your insurance provider how much it's worth. Every location, package, item, brand, category, and shop has actual and replacement prices.

Inventory Map

Your location could be your home, business, or vehicle, for example...

Box 1

Box 2

Linked Item 1

Linked item 2

Boxes can be piled on one another. Link and move things using multi select, manually or using QR code.

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