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Locations are used to hold all of your "Boxes" and "Items" and are normally named after your HOME or Business! For example, if you inventory your boat that is at a marina, then the location will be the Marina name.


Boxes are right under locations & you can have multple boxes under each other to structure your data the way you want.


Items are under boxes, which hold data such as model and serial numbers, date purchased, cost, Etc.

Know what everything costs

You are now able to tell your insurance agent exactly what coverage you need and never be under insured! Boxinvy helps you keep track of replacement cost and you will know if you need more coverage!

Content & Structural

Your coverage is based on content and structural cost. Structural is anything that is attached to the property. Content is what isn't attached to property. Your boxes and items can be either one!


You can share any location with anyone as long as they have a Boxinvy account. If you need to, you can share your location with an adjuster & give them special access. You can also share a location with your agent as well! You can share with anyone, but have control!

Backed up to cloud

With DoorKnockerPal it's backed up to the cloud that way if you lose your phone it's not gone!

Unlimited Levels

You can keep stacking boxes on boxes to get unlimited potential.

Why inventory?

Property Fire

In a property fire you could lose everything in a few hours. When you go through the insurance claim you will need to prove what you had with pictures. You will have the peace of mind with Boxinvy that you need to prove what you had, so you don't have to try to remember at the time of such a disaster and not have a hard time dealing with your insurance company if you have proof!

Natural Distaster

Your property could be destroyed by a tornado, hurricane or lightning, etc. When you inventory your items you have a peace of mind that you have proof of what you had before the loss! You need to know everything detail, down to the toothbrush you own and what kind and how many pairs of socks you own!


If your property is stolen then you can prove what you had and give the list to your insurance adjuster! You can keep an inventory of your automobiles too with Boxinvy!

Boxinvy is here for you

When you inventory anything in Boxinvy it is replicated 12 times between images & raw data! You never have to worry about losing your device or your data... It's always going to be safe & sound on Boxinvy Cloud!

Hicks Family Tragedy - Home lost to a fire!

DoorKnockerPal Map

We started the day like normal and enjoyed a day of boating, which went into the evening!  Never knew that when we were coming home it would be to the worst nightmare of our lives....seeing our home of 23 years burning before our eyes!

It was such a tragedy to witness....Christopher (Son) & Billy (Dad) both broke down on the road, hyper ventilating & crying. We didn't really know what to think at that point in time. Audra (Mom) was crying and upset, but had to stay stronger to help both of them, but on the inside she knew it was really bad & all the belongings that we accumulated in 23 years was gone! We stayed up for 24 hours straight, standing outside of our house that we had just seen burn and dealing with all of the people.

Finally we were getting our lives kind of together in the rental house for the next 6 months & had to find new home.  We didn't have proof for the insurance company on everything we owned, but they sent a company out to look through the burnt home and belongings and sat down with us for days to try and recall what we had, which is tough during a loss!  Luckily, having a good insurance company, they figured it out. But, we were still under insured because the agent didn't listen to us on what we told him we had and said we were Fine!  Well, he was wrong.....we were under insured to the tune of approximately $175,000!

During and after a loss like this your world is turned upside down....we understand and have been through it....grief, mourning, sadness....emotional times!  With Boxinvy you will have that peace of mind that we didn't have to make the process a little bit easier!  You never plan on having a tragedy, but as long as you use Boxinvy, we got you covered in case something were to happen!

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