Boxinvy helps you inventory your House, Apartment, Business, RV and more...

Simple to use

The dashboard is built to be super intuitive and easy to use for anybody just coming to Boxinvy.

  • Locations: Hold your boxes and can be multiple levels deep like branches on trees.
  • Items: Bought something and don't know where it goes just yet? Easily added it to your items and link it to a box later on.
  • Brands: Categorize each item by who made it.
  • Categories: Add a category to each item. Wether it's technology or furniture.
  • Stores: Years down the road you can know exactly where you bought the item from.
  • Bookmarks: Adding things to a box often? Bookmark it and easily go back to it without having to search or go through the tree of boxes.

Boxinvy adds up and itemizes everything so you can prove how much everything is worth to your insurance company. Each Location, Box, Item, Brand, Category and Store has actual and replacement cost.

Inventory Map

Location is your home, business or car ETC...

Box 1

Box 2

Linked Item 1

Linked item 2

Boxes can be stacked on top of each other. Link items to each box without having to duplicate items.

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