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Emailcove makes it simple to protect your email from spammers.



Coves are virtual emails that you can give to someone or a business. Simply disable the email if you begin to receive excessive spam. It's always possible to reactivate it afterwards!


Start a conversation to keep your "actual" email out of the hands of spammers!

Cove Destinations

You receive all email sent to a cove, but when you add destinations to a cove, you can have a copy sent to you automatically. Coves protects your gmail, yahoo, hotmail, and other accounts!

Do Not Disturb

Are you at a meeting, a party, at work, or dozing off? Simply set your phone to "Do Not Disturb" and you will receive emails later. You have complete control on when you receive email from your coves.

Cove Filters

You may not want to deactivate a mailbox, but you may block out email sent to it based on the sender, subject, or body.

Web, iOS and Android

Emailcove was designed from the ground up to work on a variety of platforms. You can easily access and create coves whether you're at home on your desktop or on the go.

What can Emailcove do for you?

Here are a few examples of applications!


When the store clerk asks for your email address for "rewards" cards while you're out shopping, EmailCove is the solution! It's simple with EmailCove: simply create a cove, then give them your new email address, and you won't have to worry about spam!

Online Shopping

So you find this online store that has the precise item you're looking for, but in order to purchase it, they require your email address. Instead of not signing up, create an emailcove and provide it to them. This way, you won't have to worry about your real email being exposed.


Have you ever been on the receiving end of a cold call from a telemarketer? You have, of course! "No, I'm not going to give anyone my true email," you answer when they ask for your email address so they can send you information about what they're selling. So, what do you do? Oh, I see, I have Emailcove, so I'll just create a cove and hand it over to the telemarketer.


Are you replying to an email or starting one but don't want to send it from your primary email address? Make an email address for the individual. Then, for the cove, create a conversation. The only thing they'll see is the cove from which you're sending. It's that easy to maintain your privacy.

Subscribe to a Newsletter

Want to sign up for a newsletter without having to worry about them sending you emails after you unsubscribe? Simply create a cove and never worry about being unsubscribed again!

No Spam if you don't want it

There are so many uses for Emailcove now that it's impossible to list them all. You might be wondering what a cove is. It's a real email address where you can send and receive messages. If you've ever heard of a forwarder or alias and assumed that's what Emailcove is, you're mistaken. It's not a fake email address; it's a real one that you have full control over. You have complete control over what and when emails arrive in your inbox.

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