Email privacy made easy (Coming Soon)

Emailcove protects your email from spammers with ease!



Coves are virtual emails that you can create and give to a person or company. If you start getting too much spam on the email, then just deactivate it. You can always reactivate it later!


Start a conversation so your “real” email does not get out to the world of spammers!

Cove Destinations

Coves - you get all the email that comes in to a cove, but you can send a copy automatically when you add destinations to a cove. Coves help you keep your gmail, yahoo, hotmail and others private!

Do Not Disturb

Are you in a meeting, party, work or sleeping? Just turn on “Do Not Disturb” and recieve emails later. YOU control when you get email to your coves without losing the email.

Cove Filters

You might not want to deactivate a cove, but filter out the email that comes to it based on from, subject or body.

Web, iOS and Android

Emailcove was built from the ground up to be on multiple devices. No matter if you're at home on your Desktop or on the go, you can access and create coves with ease.

What can Emailcove help with?

Below are some use cases!


When you go shopping and the store clerk asks you for your email address for a “rewards” cards then EmailCove is your answer! It’s easy with EmailCove.....just start a cove, then give them your new email you create and you don't have to worry about the spam!

Online Shopping

Well you find this online store that has the exact item you want but to buy it they want your email. Instead of not signing up just start a emailcove and give it to them without worrying about your real email getting out.


Have you ever got that phone call from a Telemarketer? Oh wait of course you have so when they ask you for your email to send details on what they're selling. You're like no I don't want to give out my real email. What do you do? Oh wait I have EmailCove so I can just create a cove then give it to the Telemarketer.


Are you emailing somebody back or starting a email but you don't want to send from your real email? Create a cove for the person. Then create a conversation for the cove. The only thing they will see is your cove that you're sending from. It's that simple to stay private.

Subscribe to a Newsletter

Want to subscribe to a newsletter without worrying they're going to keep sending you emails even when you unsubscribe? Just start a cove & don't worry about unsubscribing ever again!

No Spam if you don't want it

Now there are so many use cases for EmailCove it can go on and on. What is a cove you ask? It's a real email that you can send & recieve from. If you have ever heard of a forwarder or alias & thinking that's what EmailCove is? Well it's not it's a real email address that you have full control over. Full control gives you control of what comes to your email and when.

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