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Wealtor IDX Website

Create a professional-looking real estate website with an IDX feed. Customized for you. Testimonials, a blog, and property communities SEO optimized and fast loading!

Virtual Open Houses

With Wealtor Virtual Open House, you can be professional while showcasing your listing. Include a video as well as a link to your Wealtor Website.

Wealtor CRM

Manage all of your Deals, Docs, Clients, and Leads in one place.

Wealtor Tasks

Make tasks or assign them to your deals.

Wealtor Newsletters

Wealtor allows you to create and send newsletters directly from the platform. We handle all of the details, such as unsubscribing. Get complete statistics on what was clicked and who read the newsletter. Create your newsletter using drag and drop, which makes it very simple!

Wealtor Markets

Create custom filters for people on Wealtor Markets. Send MLS emails on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis (listing update alerts, open house alerts, and so on) (Market alerts).

Wealtor IDX Updates

Every 30 minutes, the Wealtor IDX Feed is updated. So you get listings nearly as soon as they become live.

Mobile Friendly

Every module created for Wealtor is mobile friendly.

Virtual Open House Quizzes

Add quizzes to your Virtual Open Houses and allow visitors to answer custom questions. The winners will then be chosen by Wealtor.

Live Website Visitors

Understand where people are looking on your website in real time. Check to see when they were last online or when they visited your website.

Your Domain

Add or purchase a domain name to personalize your website.


Create blog posts for your website that demonstrate your expertise in the real estate market.


Wealtor was constructed from the ground up. As a result, no third-party CMS or blogging solution was employed to create Wealtor.

Supported MLS

Wealtor works with Realtracs for the MLS. If you're interested in other MLS Feeds, please contact us!

Wealtor Docs

To keep things organized, you can securely upload your documents to Wealtor Deals.

Wealtor Testimonials

Wealtor websites have a complete testimonial solution. Show off your positive client feedback!

Wealtor Contacts

Keep notes and information on your leads and clients to help you keep track of them.


Add communities to your website for certain cities to demonstrate your market understanding. With your filters, MLS data is immediately brought in.


We understand how busy realtors are, therefore we put a lot of effort into creating a user-friendly design and making it as simple as possible for you to handle everything.


Wealtor was designed from the ground up with modules in mind. We understand that you may not want everything Wealtor has to offer at first, so you can pick and select what you want. We are confident that once you start using Wealtor, you will desire every module, but we give you the option to choose.

Wealtor Modules

Website IDX

Website Leads, IDX Feed, Who's online, Testimonials, Blog Posts, Pages, Communities, and Brands are all sub-modules of the Website module.

Website CRM

Manage all of your Deals, Docs, Clients, and Leads in one place.


Markets, Newsletters, Newsletter Campaigns, Newsletter Subscriber Lists, Email Templates, Virtual Open House, Landing Pages, and Flyers are all sub-modules of the Marketing module.

More to come

More modules are being planned and developed.

Coming Soon

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